The two most dangerous 
things are: Heroine and Monthly paycheck.

I'm trying to avoid both.

This is me

Hi! My name is Stephanie Richardson Parker and I left corporate America to start a Residential and Commercial cleaning company.

Building a local service business in an "unsexy industry" helped me break my addiction to a W2 paycheck.

Do I love cleaning? Well..... No. 

I love FREEDOM and I love OWNING my own sh*t!


Figuring out how to OWN your the only way to break the NEED of having a JOB!

Being the owner of Cleaning Service has been one of the hardest things I have done. Why? Because I didn't know much about the cleaning industry when I started and I'm still learning about it even now. 

Here's what I did know, service-based businesses (lawn care, cleaning service, junk removal etc) are BILLION dollar industries. People spend money in these industries EVERY SINGLE MONTH (hello....recurring revenue).

This road has NOT been easy and it's not for everyone. For me, I just KNEW I had to let go of a JOB.

I have made a ton of mistake but I have learned a whole lot along the way. Below are the top things I have learned about building a successful business.  

Create  Systems 
Create a Trust Worthly Brand 

 Invest   Back Into the Business

Create Marketing and Sales    Funnels  

Find Mentors

Keys to business Success

You don't have to have passion to start a business.  You can be passionate about the opportunities that the business will provide.

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