About Me


Hi! My name is Stephanie Richardson Parker and I left corporate America in 2018 to start a Residential and Commercial cleaning company.


I have both my B.S. and M.B.A. in Business Administration, however, my greatest business "teacher" has been starting and running my own Cleaning business. HANDS DOWN!

My first job after finishing graduate school was working in the Marketing in the Music Industry #funtimes

After realizing I was going to get laid off from yet another job, I went to Kenya for 2 weeks to build houses with Habitat for Humanity  #noregrets

I am married, and it was really my husband's idea for me to leave my full-time job. He knew I hated it.  #thankbabe

I love to travel. One of my favorite memories was traveling to London to see Beyonce in concert #worthit

I don't think Entrepreneurship is for everyone. But NO ONE should just rely on a 

paycheck. That sh*t is dangerous #facts

There is no greater feeling than knowing how to make your own money. #PERIOD

I love FREEDOM.....its one HELL OF A DRUG #addicted