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Boss Biz Tip #41: Measure Everything

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

One of the most important things I learned in my first year of entrepreneurship is. MEASURE EVERYTHING!

Not "some" things but "everything". To be honest, I'm sure there are things that I am still not #measuring, but I am working to fix that problem.

In the beginning, this was kind of hard for me. A few things I knew I wanted to measure was SALES (who's buying my sh*t) and EXPENSES (how much is all sh*t costing me).

So I quickly signed up for Quickbooks to help me manage and measure this.

Here's What I learned

Measuring Sales and Expenses alone is not enough. I learned that I needed to have a better understanding of my marketing tactics and dig deeper as to what was being purchased. What was working, what wasn't, what is just "ok".

Once I figured out what was working, I was going to double down on that tactic and ditch everything else.

So here's some more insight and info about the tools I love:

Sales- I had to get a little more granular with this. It wasn't enough to know that someone booked a cleaning service, but I needed more. I needed to what add-ons were the best selling (example- carpet cleaning) and which cleaning services had the lowest profit margins. Once I really looked into my backend data, I was able to make some adjustments....and raise prices (hallelujah)

Landingi - I use PPC (pay per click) ads. Each ad leads to a specific landing page. Landingi allows me to see how many people are landing on each page and from which keyword they are coming from. From here I can measure ad performance and run some split tests to determine my best ads.

Call Rail - A good number of my customers convert via phone call. For each landing page that I have created (via Landingi), I assign a unique phone number to that page using Call Rail. This allows me to see which keywords and landing pages are producing the most conversions via phone calls. I also use a Call Rail phone number if I am doing offline marketing as when I post my flyers up at Starbucks and Panera shame in my game....AT ALL!

Google Analytics - Every single online business needs google analytics. This tool pretty much tells you everything that is going on with your website; where your traffic is coming from, which online marketing tactics are converting, how much you are spending for conversions etc.... It's pretty much to the "God" of online data. I integrate this sh*t with everything.....I connect it to Call Rail and each of my Landingi hosted landing pages have my google analytics script code added. 

Hope this helps. Can't wait to share more.

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