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Find Your Target Audience.....Romance Them (Professionally)

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

"Hey big's me The Moxie Maids, haven't heard from you in awhile". This is how I really want to talk to those people who are my target audience. 

I think every business has a good understanding of their target audience(s), or at least they should. When I first started The Moxie Maids, EVERYBODY with a valid credit card was my #targetaudience. But with time and experience comes knowledge. Now, I have really niched down to who my target audience really is.

It's ok to have a super niche target audience. Sometimes you have a "niche down to boss up"

Her Name is Sarah

 I have officially named my target market avatar. Her name is Sarah. 

Sarah lives in metro Atlanta (maybe Kirkwood), she's 35, married with 1-3 kids, working professional, upwardly mobile, has a dog, loves hot yoga and/or spin classes. Sarah also has a very busy life, spending time with her husband, kids, friends, and family is really important to her. Her favorite secret pastime is watching Keeping up with The The Kardashians and Dancing with the Stars (we will give Sarah a pass on this).

Why do I love Sarah? It's simple: her home is typically 3-4 bedrooms (no more than 2k square feet), 2-3 bathrooms, hardwood floors and she need a biweekly cleaning in order for her house to maintain some order. Sarah uses Uber and is an online shopper, so she loves to purchase everything online, including cleaning.


Since I now have a professional business crush on Sarah, I look for her EVERYWHERE (this sounds kind of creepy....). I need to understand what she likes on Instagram, what groups she follows on FB. Where does Sarah like to get her hot chai tea latte and her walnut and cranberry salads.....that's where The Moxie Maids will be. 

Meet Tiffany

As time and wisdom revealed Sarah to me, it has also revealed Tiffany. If I can be honest, I don't like Tiffany. I would love to put Tiffany on the block list because she is the WORST type of customer. She always has a problem entering her credit card online and she will want the most BASIC cleaning even though her home will be the dirtiest.

Tiffany will also try to figure out a way to get a refund. Just like I know about Sarah, I know about Tiffany as well. I know where she lives, what type of home she has and where she hangs out. I avoid Tiffany like the plague.

Moral of the story, find your "Sarah" and court her. Send her a message from time to time. Let Sarah know how great she is and how much you can't wait to see her again.

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